Creativity & Laughter Are Part of Our Daily Routine

Nonprofit Fundraising

Art Enables

Abilities are the foundation of Art Enables, an organization that focuses on 30+ artists whose ages, disabilities, and ethnicities are as diverse as their art. Through their entrepreneurial arts program, artists create art and "take it to market" with the help of Art Enables' dedicated staff.

Association Gala

Heart of DMAW

One of a series of four videos created to celebrate the Direct Marketing Association of Washington's 60th anniversary and its legacy of collaborating, educating and hugging.
Documentary in Progress

Life is Rich

LIFE IS RICH is a real-life comedy about Bonnie Rich, a filmmaker and Jewish mom on a mission—to persuade her millennial daughters to raise her unborn grandchildren Jewish. The family eats, sings, and spars as they search for common ground to celebrate tradition.

Speaker & Storyteller

40 Days

Bonnie performs at Story District's "My So-Called Jewish Life" held annually at Sixth & I. Follow Bonnie as she tries to wake herself up from being on Jewish autopilot by going on a 40-day diet of morning prayer.

Book Trailer

Still Standing Ten Years After Katrina

For Gerald Anderson, a brewing storm meant an opportunity to break into cars, stores, and homes. From age 15 to 37, a cycle of drugs, burglary, and prison was all he knew. Then, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the levees broke, Anderson's focus shifted, and he called upon skills he had learned in prison to help rescue many who were trapped.